Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Murray Public Relations can help you better manage any speaking opportunity including speeches, media interviews, business presentations, debates and more. The key is knowing how to connect with your audience, deliver meaningful messages and motivate them into action.

In addition, Patty Murray speaks with business organizations and student groups addressing professional and motivational topics.

What Audiences Say:

“You are an excellent teacher, and I admire your confident presence.”

“Your presentation was very understandable and informative.”

“You know your stuff.”

“I could listen and learn longer. It was fascinating.”

“Excellent style, pace & clarity.”

“Easy speaking style. I could have listened much longer.”

“This information provides a building base for me.”

“You presented ideas that I had not thought about.”

“I enjoyed the style of discussion and information.”

“Great Job!”

“Excellent speaker”

“Very helpful to my business.”