Five Tips to Optimize Your Web Presence

Tip 1:

“It’s all about meaningful content,” says Mike Conaty, president of Brunswick Media Services LLC, a web marketing and video production company.  “The most important thing you can do is provide useful and interesting information so that you attract visitors to your site, get them to come back often and get them to share your content with their connections.”

Tip 2:

According to Conaty, the next critical strategy is to provide fresh information on your website continually by writing original content on your blog post, sharing interesting articles from others or providing links to other sites and resources. “People especially like a short list of tips with tactics they can start using right away. You want to be a resource,” Conaty points out. “The worst thing you can do is treat your website like a brochure.”

Tip 3

Once you have meaningful content, Conaty says spread the word by being active in social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook and whatever platforms make sense for your organization. “The goal is to develop a following and expand your contact base so that you can grow your business, promote a cause or achieve whatever goal you want to accomplish,” notes Conaty (@BrunswickMedia).

Tip 4

“The biggest pitfall to avoid is writing for the search engines by cramming in so many key words into a post or page that is it incomprehensible,” says Conaty. “This doesn’t work and the search engines penalize you for trying to trick the system this way.  Believe it or not, the search engines are looking for meaningful content too, which is the best way to raise your web presence.”

Tip 5

If you do not have the time, capability or staff to manage your website and social media presence, or just need help getting started in a new direction, contact a web marketing professional. Conaty recently updated and expanded our social media presence. We also joint venture on client projects. For more information, contact Mike Conaty or Patty Murray.



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