Webinar ROI, Best Attendance

When education-focused, webinars can deliver substantial ROI for businesses and nonprofits by building relationships with current customers or supporters and attracting new ones. The best-attended webinars feature a well-respected industry expert that shares useful, ready-to-implement information for attendees. For the most part, these types of webinars are free, so attendees do not mind a short “commercial” pitch after the educational component, especially when that is meaningful and educational too.

When I started managing webinars over seven years ago, I knew this format would work, but even I was surprised that most attendees stayed online during the short marketing segment and remained engaged during the Q&A session that followed. I have done scores of webinars since, and this result remains unchanged. It’s proof that delivering a quality product (in this case, a webinar), which keeps the needs of the audience in mind, will deliver significant ROI for the sponsor.

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